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2020: Dental flossing

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

One of the positives about this year: flossing 3 times a day instead of 1. I could say more: like I got a bit more neurotic about hygiene (I was already pretty on it but now is a totally different level) but I don't want to bring my up the state of my mental health, just the direct beneficiaries of this improved trait I developed. With the flossing, I would like to add that it also includes the "flossing or scraping of my tongue" just to kill some time and bacteria daily. And since we are at it (and it is part of the same family of "pipes"): Nasya or nasal cleaning with saline water, just in case a virus is trying to reach the depth of my soul.

On that note, the feeling of the salty water on my nose and throat brings extremely pleasurable memories of my life underwater as a scuba mermaid, so I might be overdoing that practice, and not really letting it be a benefit, but more of a detriment to the walls of my inner nostrils, but back to the positive: those pipes are clean!

How about you? Can you pick just one thing that improved or changed for the better this year for you?

I promise tomorrow to have a deeper post, like more of a gastrointestinal nature (just kidding)

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