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Setting yourself for Success

You probably tried throughout the years some of the top ten most common resolutions for a new year: loose weight, workout more, quit smoking, get organized, learn a new skill, save money, etc. They usually fade quickly and most likely, because there is no plan or road map. We also set ourselves for failure rather than success when we pile up a bunch of things to accomplish that we know we are struggling with. Sometimes we are not very kind to ourselves!

This past year I changed the way I approach my resolutions and not only I was able to follow through but I felt stronger and better about myself.

One of my resolutions was to meditate daily. I asked myself why do I want to meditate and the answer is: I want to have less stress, and have a clear and sharp mind.

I made the plan to meditate daily as soon as I get out of bed and before breakfast. I set my mat and meditation cushion the night before and left everything ready to make sure it is easy to accomplish.

Parallel to that resolution, I created a daily tracker on a sheet of paper with the qualities I wanted to cultivate: sharp mind, stress free life. Every day I will change something or make a decision where I choose calmness over stress, Then I would click on that day's box on the paper tracker. Every time I will choose to do something that sharpens my mind like learn a new skill, push myself to overcome an obstacle or fear, I would click the box on that day.

I found that if I cultivate qualities, and engage with the proce ss rather than goals, it is a more rewarding experience. I come out stronger, more confident and happier. That is fuel to all the actions and resolutions that I set out to do. The main thing is to be kind to myself and to set up to succeed.

Click here for the link to my favorite journal and habit tracker. This is my second year using it and I love the versatility and simplicity it offers.

May you enjoy the journey, learn new things on the way and be kind to yourself.

Disclosure: This blog contains an affiliate link, if you follow it and purchase anything from the recommended services/products, I might receive some commission. I can assure you though that I never would recommend you something I don’t trust myself. Thanks for supporting Nati Yoga LLC

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