Argentina 2020

October 29- November 7

Travel with Natalie to the country of delightful extremes.


Natalie loves making yoga accessible and delightful for her students. She uses the therapeutic application of yoga postures to help people access their innate ability to self-heal. She teaches versatile techniques to release chronic tension that facilitate a restored mind-body connection. Through her comprehensive training in yoga therapy, massage therapy and Reiki, she has gained a thorough understanding of how to adapt yoga for anyone. Some of the restrictions that Natalie helps people move through include: Chronic Pain, Pelvic floor dysfunction, postural mal-alignment, unbalanced gait, limited range of motion and osteoarthritis. She modifies postures for elders, children, and women in the pre-natal/post-partum periods. She helps people find relief from chronic pain, stress and attention disorders through individualized techniques.

Voted best Yoga Teacher by the Sneak Preview, Healthy Living Magazine and The Rogue Valley Messenger 

She teaches how to move mindfully. She is a keen observer of biomechanics and breathing patterns. Through the effortless elegance of her lyrical communication style, she clearly and compassionately conveys how to re-align posture. Her therapeutic hands-on adjustment techniques precisely and gently guide her students to optimize their internal sense of tranquility. Natalie helps her students to stabilize and strengthen the musculoskeletal system while balancing and restoring the nervous system.

She aims to empower her students to actively participate in their own regeneration, and to this end she provides a positive environment that is encouraging, self-paced, and nonjudgmental. Her ability to put people at ease makes her classes at once fun and transformative. Natalie is utterly uplifting, unpretentious and in possession of a contagious enthusiasm and humor. Her classes are permeated with a refreshing lightheartedness. She is committed to promoting physical, emotional and mental health through her sessions.

Natalie has been a student of yoga for more than 20 years. She has studied copiously with world-renowned teachers and is a graduate of the Yoga Therapy Program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she used to live. She was a successful established radio personality and producer in the Spanish media when she found herself suffering from chronic lower back pain and other conditions. She was able to heal herself through her yoga practice, and decided to dedicate her life to helping others restore their vitality. It is important to Natalie to be inclusive and bring yoga to disenfranchised populations like inner-city children, incarcerated youth and low-income mothers. She has taught extensively in schools, shelters, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, churches, and yoga studios for many years. She has been living and practicing in Ashland, Oregon, since 2008. She has been the Movement Therapist with the Pain Resiliency Program in Oregon where she helped people with Chronic Pain increase their quality of life through movement therapy and mindfulness techniques.

She is currently the movement therapist with Pain Advisors, leading webinars with through the “Pain School” programs in Oregon. She specializes in Chronic Pain, Posture, Pelvis, Spine and Autoimmune diseases.

She  is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Alliance. She has released 5 DVDs: Yoga for Beginners (in Spanish), Pre and Postnatal Yoga (in Spanish + in English), Yoga for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, and Restorative Yoga for Chronic Pain.  Natalie was the Movement Therapist with the Pain Resiliency Program in Southern Oregon, with the mission to improve the quality of life in our communities through the understanding, evaluation and application of best practices for the treatment of complex chronic pain. She continues to deepen her practice and invites students to expand their own.

"Natalie's teaching style simultaneously incorporates her years of experience and education with her innate wisdom and awareness of the body. She is well versed in the intricacies of anatomy and suggests the most subtle yet insightful adjustments. As a student in her classes, I appreciate her gentle sequencing that brings more grace, awareness and strength to my body. As a teacher, I enjoy her charismatic and light hearted energy that seems ti reach all her students and embodies her focus and customization of her classes."
E. McDonnell- 200 RYT

Nearly 15 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia - a medical condition characterized by muscle pain and fatigue.  Until 2 years ago when I began attending yoga classes, the only relief I could find from the pain was with over the counter pain medications.  Since attending yoga classes 3 days a week I rarely take the ibuprofen I was continually taking, and my flexibility, balance and fatigue have all greatly improved.
Natalie Stawsky, the yoga instructor for the Gentle classes I attend, is a very knowledgeable and compassionate teacher who emphasizes that anyone, regardless of sex, weight, age, or physical limitations, can do yoga.  As a certified yoga therapist, her extensive knowledge of human anatomy allows her to offer individual modifications to poses for anyone experiencing discomfort or limitations, while challenging us to breath deeply and relax into each pose.   She integrates both spiritual and physical healing in a way that promotes wellness and practical coping strategies for her students.
Yoga has contributed greatly to both my physical and emotional well-being, and I look forward to these classes as a peaceful respite in my busy days!
Linda DeCarlow

Natalie's dedication to her practice is clear. She is extremely focused and her energy inspires and uplifts. I enjoyed yoga when I was younger, but knee injuries prevented me from continuing. That is until I met Natalie. She is aware of every student's needs. She teaches me ways to protect my injured joints while increasing strength and flexibility. When necessary she provides alternate positions to achieve the same results, giving me insightful knowledge for use in everyday activities. The atmosphere Natalie creates is safe, nurturing and supportive. Natalie is truly a gifted teacher

Darcy K.


All classes are at 303 Fourth Street, Ashland, unless specified.

Mondays 10:30 am: SATYA and Asana (Gentle)

Tuesdays 6 pm: Restorative and SATYA

Fridays 10:30 am SATYA and Asana (Gentle)

Saturdays 11 am: SATYA (Gentle)


Drop In: $18

5 Class Pass: $65
10 Class Pass: $110



Private Sessions

Sessions are in person or via Skype 

Issues I can help in
Yoga therapy:

  • Pelvic floor issues

  • Posture, spine, back pain

  • Chronic pain

  • anxiety, PTSD, depression

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Natalie Stawsky
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Email: nati@natiyoga.com

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