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The 5 Things to do to Reduce or Eradicate Bunions

Updated: Jan 10

When people suffering from bunions visit a podiatrist, the most common solution offered by the professional is surgery.

According to podiatrist Ray McClanahan, DPM, “In podiatry school you learn how to treat people's feet, but you don't necessarily learn how to identify the causes of the problems”. For that reason, he has been trying to help change the curriculum to include foot health basics.

In his private practice, McClanahan teaches patients natural foot health principles. In a recent podcast, he mentioned that only 3% to 5% of the patients who come to see him actually need surgery or orthotics. He even cured his own bunions and hammertoes with exercise. Dr. McClanahan created a silicone device that corrects bunions, among other things. It's called Correct Toes.

Today, I want to share with you the 5 things you can do to reduce or get rid of bunions.

1 - Get shoes that have a wide toe box, no heel or toe spring, and no rigidity.

5 - Go barefoot more often.

Since our feet have been encased in shoes most of their waking time, they are considered sedentary, even if you are an athlete. The good news is that when you start doing these exercises, you might notice the changes right away: an increased space between the toes, more mobility, stability, and ease on your walk.

If you are motivated to heal your feet, check "The Bunion Solution" course, which is packed with information and short and effective exercises to do daily for bunions.

For an explanation about shoes and Correct toes, visit here

For more about Yoga Therapy and what I do, visit here

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