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Gather, Prepare, Put Down, Enter.

Learning to put down what we are carrying to open a new door and enter is simple, but we resist. Most times we know the things we carry need to be put down, but we insist on opening the door with those bags on our hands. They are too heavy, bulky, uncomfortable, limiting and not practical. The beginning of a new year can give us some motivation to notice what are those things, habits, grudges, people, self talk, ideas. Let them stay in the old place, and open a new door of possibilities.

Practice and Reflection:

Find a comfortable sit where you are not disturbed for a few minutes. Keep your eyes soft and your spine erect. Find the sound of your breath and the movement it creates inside you. Feel your aliveness. Notice what is supporting you (chair, floor, earth) and receive that support by allowing your bones to drop the weight.

Thoughts will start arriving, as uninvited guests, keep coming back to your body feeling the breath, finding safety in life breathing you.

It is a privilege that you are here, taking a few moments for yourself. You have the time and resources to spend time for self care.

Use this quiet time to notice what do you want to let go of. Is there something in your life that you have been carrying for a while that is not helping you?

Visualize yourself not having that burden in your life. Go about your day without it. Notice how it feels.

You are planting the seed of possibility. When you feel ready, slowly, bring yourself back to the room, let your eyes take in what is here. Transition slowly out of this meditation into your daily activities.

In Gratitude,

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