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2020: Everything touches everything else.

Amnesia, surface to surface connections, speeding through life, kept us going and prevented us from growth. Now, there is no denying our connection and the impact we have on each other. I took this picture while I was waiting to evacuate as the fires were getting closer and closer to my area. My house did not burn and everything was untouched but my grief was present. I felt the guilt on having a house where others didn't. Then I realize that my guilt does not offer anything to the world, it was a shield to isolate myself from other, a way of not belonging. When I allowed the guilt to take a never ending trip to the center of the lava pit, then sadness took over and I was able to move in the direction of connection, and tend to others. Emotions are like clouds passing, someone said, just let them pass. What remains is presence and belonging to each other.

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