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2020: Resolutions

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

New year's resolutions fade really fast. As a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner I have seen it year after year: January 1st through the middle of the month, all the yoga classes are full, and then it starts to fade until by the middle of February things are back to the way they were before. All the well intentioned resolutions fade. My personal resolutions also disappeared around that time. Some of my failed ones: where to run a marathon, fit into the jeans I kept from 20 years ago, stop eating sweets, read a book a week, etc. Until I found James Clear's book: Atomic Habits. Now instead of setting the goal of running a marathon, I work on my identity and I say: I am the type of person who exercises everyday. I become the person I want to be. "It works"

In 2020 I have achieved what I wanted in the past but without the pressure and stress. I created habits and systems that were attainable and rewarding. Instead of telling myself that I will workout tomorrow, which is very vague. I will create the habit of getting my running shoes ready the night before and making a plan to go for a run in the morning right after I eat a slice of apple and before I get breakfast ready. I created a reward system that after I go for my morning run I get to put my favorite playlist while I shower. I used the same template for all the things I set out to do. On another blog I will talk about being kind to yourself and having a self talk that is not punitive on those times where you are not able to achieve those goals. After all, we are humans.

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