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Feet and Arches

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

We know that if we are building a structure, it needs a solid foundation. We look at any edifice and we can safely assume that it has a base that can support whatever is above.

When we look at a tree, we know there is a whole support system underneath it.

However, we might not think the same way about our own bodies.

When I see private clients for posture and feet related issues, usually is because they have pain. Their imbalances or symptoms are at a point that something needs to change because things are not getting better on their own.

Our feet need the arches and you can work at engaging them. The notion that you can change and lift the arches of the feet seems to be revelatory for most people, even to people who exercise, use weights and shape their muscles.

I remember only a handful of clients who were really excited to work their feet, however, once they do it, they love the results they get. A few of those results were:

- Getting rid of neck and shoulder pain

- Balance improvement

- That cranky hip is no longer cranky

- Back discomfort release

- Pelvic floor engagement

I can go on and on about the feet and I will share more in future blogs.

I am adding a short clip (53 seconds) where I teach a group how to start engaging the arches of the feet to deal with pronation, flat feet, bunions and imbalances.

Hope it is useful even though is not the best sound or video quality. I do suggest that after engaging the feet, you give them a massage. You can use a tennis ball or you can get a tune up ball. I have been using the tune up balls for more than a decade and I do not travel without them.

I am pleased with my courses: Posture, Strength and Vitality as well as Healthy feet

It is a result of more than 20 years of working with students and private clients and sharing the most valuable and effective exercises for the most common issues we encounter with our posture as well as feet. The courses have lots of videos with exercises that are simple, effective and smart.

I look forward to being in touch.

Enjoy the exploration!

Please know that if I am sharing a product with you, it is because I love it and use it myself. I might get a small commission on some of the purchases you make through the external links.

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