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Interesting facts about the feet

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We have 26 bones in each foot. We have 206 bones in the body and a quarter of them are in our feet. If our feet were created to be rigid then we wouldn't have so many bones, muscles and joints. Unfortunately, our feet spend most of our active time encased in conventional shoes which one of their characteristics is that they are rigid and do not allow a lot of movement and articulation.

The human foot has 33 joints so it is designed to adapt to all terrains as well as be mobile.

What happens when we limit the movement for a fair amount of time of a healthy part of the body that is designed to move? It atrophies. That is what happens with our feet when they live inside rigid shoes.

It is pretty normal than right and left foot are different and the way each one steps on the ground is not the same, however, if there is too much of a difference, it can cause not only issues on our feet, knees and hips but also on the spine.

The arch of the foot does not develop until two to three years of age when the child walks and bears weight on the feet. When we are born our feet are flat and with no arch.

Doing short exercises for the feet can be not only satisfying but also you will be able to notice the benefits almost immediately. Our feet tend to be the most sedentary part of our body. Even if you are an athlete, if your feet are in conventional shoes, they tend to lack mobility and be sedentary. Doing this easy and short foot exercise will show great results.

My online course Healthy Feet is packed with tips, trips, exercises, information, advice, and postural correction that will enhance the quality of your feet, balance, tone and mobility of your feet as well as posture performance.

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Enjoy the exploration!

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