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October 18 - 26, 2024


Expect to experience the best of Argentina through the eyes of a native! 

To reserve your space or for more detailed information, email me here

The Argentina adventure with Natalie is still bringing joy to my heart. Natalie and her sister shared country, culture and family in a very generous way.  I got a grasp of the history (always interesting to me) ate great food, stayed in wonderful boutique hotels situated in neighborhoods easy to explore...Buenos Aires was rich with music ,architecture and Mendoza a treasure with Spa and wineries (food) and Iguazu Falls a spectacular landscape with birds and butterflies all around. A great trip!


~ Molly Hanner

The best part of the Argentina adventure was taking the trip with Natalie, who is a native of Buenos Aires. She shared her beautiful capital city with interesting and captivating details about cultural sites, traditional tango experiences, and delicious Argentine food and wine.

The trip to Mendoza included fascinating vineyard tours with a beautiful lunch at a winery. The spa day at Cachueta Hot Springs was a highlight where we enjoyed the exquisite views from the estate and was presented with an amazing buffet lunch.

The finale of our Argentine adventure was to fly to the stunning Iguazu Falls. It was breathtaking to hike along the walkway directly above the waterfalls.

Natalie was such a fun and lively tour guide handling all the logistics and details for our trip. All we had to do was show up each morning and she had all the details of transportation and  visits arranged. Having Natalie as our translator and guide was such an advantage to capture the full flavor of Argentina. It is truly a trip of unforgettable experiences.

Happy Traveler,


~ Virginia Silbowitz

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