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2020: A Witness

This solitude acted as a filter. What remained was love and the gestures that love expressed.

I wonder if loneliness can be soothed by the presence of the other, a witness, and if loneliness finds the space to transform into a simple aloneness, knowing that someone sees you.

On the trails I witness the forest and my friend walking with me. I am in my own world, but I am not lonely. Someone is aware of my existence. I am being seen. The fact that there is someone witnessing, I feel the sense of belonging.

I remember playing peekaboo. It was not about hiding so well that you are not found, it was all about being seen and found. That was winning for me! Do you remember that feeling?

That sense of belonging brings meaning to my life and meaning is the fertile seed of happiness. From being seen I feel the aliveness in me and I can get out of my own comfortable cocoon and see the other, to witness the one walking by my side.

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