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Meditation Myths

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

These are some of the meditation myths that may keep you from meditating:

1 - To meditate you must sit on the floor with your legs crossed

2 - You need to have a quiet mind and a calm disposition

3 - Meditation is too hard and only a few can do it

4 - You must sit for at least 45 minutes to call it “meditation”

Meditation is for everyone who wants to meditate. For that reason, I created a Free 7 day Meditation challenge to get you started. It features a guide that you can download, as well as daily meditations that will set you for success in your meditation practice.

In an effort to make positive changes in our lives, sometimes we might not be realistic and expect too much too soon of ourselves, and that is what might set us for failure. Perhaps, you are saying to yourself that you need to sit and meditate for an hour a day, but the truth is that your body is not used to spending so much time sitting in stillness, and your mind has not been trained for it.

My suggestion is to set yourself for success and always end your meditation in a good note. For example, you can plan to "meditate for 2 minutes right before lunch." This way, you are being specific about the amount of time that feels manageable and during what time of the day you will do it. If you end up meditating longer, take it as a bonus, but remember that you committed to meditate for only 2 minutes.

After a week or two, you may commit to another meditation block of 2 minutes during the day, so you can gradually build more time in meditation.

If you meditate several short times during the day, you will be sustaining the relaxation and ease throughout the day, which can be more effective and easier to do than one long 30-minute meditation a day.

Try them both and see what works for you.

Be curious and enjoy the process!

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